MyGet Enterprise Compliance and performance for enterprise DevOps teams

Data Localization GDPR and compliance demands flexibility in deployment geographies.

Enterprise EU and US based Azure deployments to help global businesses that routinely work with large files. Teams can enjoy the benefits of a cloud offering with unrivaled flexibility, improved workflows and increased productivity while ensuring their data processing stays local to their region of choice.

GDPR and compliance demands flexibility in deployment geographies
Dedicated processing and storage on the #1 Enterprise Cloud

Maximum Performance Dedicated processing and storage on the #1 Enterprise Cloud.

Microsoft Azure is a strategic provider of compute and storage for MyGet. Enterprises can take advantage of unrivalled IO and network performance by going with dedicated infrastructure for their package management needs that can scale to match specific team size and storage requirements.

Powerful Identity and Access Management Ensure centralized access with flexible options.

Identity is the new security perimeter. Ensuring centralized access is more important than ever. From Active Directory to Okta, MyGet understands the importance of federated Identity Access Management (IAM) in your company’s security strategy. MyGet Enterprise includes flexible options that allow you integrate with all industry leading providers. Moving your package lifecycle to the cloud has never been more secure.

Ensure centralized access with flexible options

MyGet for Enterprise includes

Enterprise Customizations

Enterprise Customizations

Personalization for your company makes an impact. Enterprise customers get their own subdomain for MyGet plus logo customization. Impress your clients and customers by delivering packages securely from a branded portal.

Big projects demand storage

Big projects demand storage

Scale your system on-demand as your projects grow. The power of the cloud is its ability to scale with your storage needs, on the fly. Start with a few GBs of packages, and quickly grow to thousands. We host some of the largest package repositories in the world and have optimized the product to ensure maximum flexibility and performance.

Quota Management to maximize space

Quota Management to maximize space

Controlling quota at the user level gives you full control of how to maximum your storage Whether you are using MyGet to share packages with external customers or internal stakeholders, it is important to maximum the storage on your paid plan. We offer full quota control including contributors per feed, feeds per user, allowed package size and more.

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